Famine Summer School

The Irish Famine Summer School is an annual international conference that explores the history and the impact of the Great Irish Famine.

The events brings together some of the world’s leading famine scholars to share their ideas and research at Strokestown Park, which has become established as a centre for learning about the Great Hunger.

Strokestown Park is home to the National Famine Museum, and the Strokestown Park Famine Archive, a unique resource that sheds light on daily life here in Roscommon during a tragic and tumultuous period in Ireland’s history.

Strokestown Park hosts the Famine Summer School every second year – in alternate years, the event is hosted by Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, home of Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute.

When you come to Roscommon as a delegate, the summer school programme will give you the chance to explore Strokestown Park’s unique story, as well as engage with some of the world’s leading interdisciplinary experts on the Great Irish Famine.

‘Heroes of Black ’47’ 

The 2022 conference was held at Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University on 1-3 June 2022.

The keynote speakers included Professor Christine Kinealy (Quinnipiac University), Dr Gerard Moran (NUI Galway), Kirk Prichard (Concern Worldwide) and Dr Jason King (Irish Heritage Trust).

The Summer School Brings Strokestown Park to Life with Fresh Ideas and Debate

It also creates wonderful opportunities for locals and delegates to spend time together. A fascinating programme of social events combines history, culture, music, debate, community and friendship with reflection on each School’s key theme.

Strokestown Park’s Famine Summer School Highlights

  • “Roscommon Connects: Community Building Through Shared Storytelling” – A showcase by new immigrants to Ireland living in Ballaghadereen
  • The launch of the Great Famine Voices Roadshow website, which features Irish-Canadians and Irish-Americans sharing their family memories and stories of coming from Ireland to North America.
  • Singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke appeared in conversation with Professor Christine Kinealy to perform songs from his award-winning album “Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine” in the library in Strokestown Park House.