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What is the new Logo?

Our new logo uses the potato flower as a symbol of remembrance and hope, both commemorating the famine and symbolising new life. Strokestown Park is both a place of great beauty and a place with a role in a national tragedy. The Potato flower is a powerful symbol that unites the harrowing history of Strokestown Park with hope for the future.

The flower is held within an oval frame which takes inspiration from the Gothic architecture of the iconic entrance gates to Strokestown Park. The date in stone above the gate – which is only properly legible on wet days – reads the year 1796. he symbol has been crafted with an aged look to lend a historical feel to reflect the age of the estate.

The National Famine Museum | Strokestown Park is a place where prosperity and poverty once existed, side by side. A place where a turbulent past has transformed into a peaceful present… From dark history to enlightenment.

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